I am so glad, so very glad, that this municipal election campaign is OVER!!

This was where I was on Wednesday night — at City Hall, North Battleford, awaiting election results on Municipal Election night in Saskatchewan. 

Unfortunately for me, there was no mayor’s race to follow — Ryan Bater had won that race by acclamation a long time ago — but the council race was very competitive and I did my best to update our newspaper’s Facebook and Twitter feeds. It was hard, though. Among other things, the Facebook page I logged into kept on crashing, and kept on refusing to upload my pictures from inside City Hall. Somehow, we managed to get the results out, but it was a frustrating evening in a lot of ways.

Also, people kept on sending in messages asking us “what are the results in Battleford?” And the truth is nobody at City Hall had any idea what was happening in Battleford, because nobody was getting any updates from there at all. In fact, after the entire vote count was finished in North Battleford, I even went over to Battleford to see what was going on at the count there and find out if there had been any news. As it turned out, the doors had been locked at 8pm and they were still doing their count behind locked doors. So I sent out a Tweet basically saying they were still in there, counting votes. Eventually, we finally did get the results, but that was an adventure in its own right.

Overall, I’m glad this election is over, it was getting exhausting. While I enjoy political coverage, I wish this election in the Battlefords had been more lively than it was; the North Battleford mayor’s race was done on nomination day, there were no public election forums (except for a meet and greet at the Chamber offices) and voter turnout was low. 

I would much rather have followed the exciting Saskatoon election, which saw a very hot three-way mayor’s race and a campaign that had gone on for several months, with plenty of election forums and debates set up. In that vote, Charlie Clark unseated Don Atchison, the man Rick Mercer once deemed the “Craziest Mayor in Canada”. (This was before Rob Ford came along, obviously.) 

What might have put Clark over the top was an endorsement from, of all people, Zach Galifianakis. Who said Saskatoon wasn’t cool?