I need a vacation! In search of some good, cheap ideas for deals.

Folks, here is the situation. I have decided — no, I am being ordered, actually, to burn up some of my ridiculously huge backlog of vacation days that I am currently carrying by years’ end. 

So, that settles it; whether I want to or not, I need to go on a vacation! Where to go, though, I don’t know. I’m certainly not staying put in Saskatchewan, that is for sure — this place is absolutely depressing. It’s already dreary and overcast and it’s still October. Just wait until the snow returns. 

In the last few years, I have used my winter vacation time to go on trips south of here to get away from winter. On five occasions I have gone to Las Vegas, and those trips were great. Last year, I decided I had enough of the American desert and went to Cuba (pictured, above), mainly to see the place before Walmart, Starbucks and McDonald’s arrived there. Now that I’ve seen Cuba, though, I figure it’s probably time to go somewhere else.

But I am in a quandary. Do I go to Vegas yet again? Or is this the year that I finally dip into the reserves and head to Mexico, where everyone else I know has already gone? 

Basically, the two places that interest me the most there would be Cancun and Los Cabos. Cancun seems exciting and full of shopping and restaurants and could hold my interest for a week. I know these Hollywood celebrities love to go to Los Cabos.

None of the other places in Mexico really interests me, except maybe for Puerto Vallarta, but my main worry there is about all the “timeshare sellers” who apparently overrun their airport. Honestly, I don’t need the hassle. 

I’ve looked at the Bahamas, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, but the prices for those places look terrible. Plus, I’m concerned about Zika and the mosquito situation in those places. I’ve also heard of local people going to Costa Rica and Panama, but those would absolutely break my budget and I’d probably find those places boring. 

There are even people I know from here who have gone to Thailand. But even if I could afford it, there is no way I’m going there. Their king just died, and everyone is in mourning, and all their notorious tourist traps have dialed back their activities. So, forget that place.

If I wanted to go somewhere in the USA other than Vegas, I suppose Arizona is a possibility. There are direct flights from here to Phoenix. As a matter of fact Arizona is one of the states in the USA that I’ve never been to, which is surprising, given that it seems like everyone in Saskatchewan goes to Arizona to get away from winter. A lot of people here also go to Palm Springs, which is another place I’ve never been to although I’ve been to California a couple of times. 

So I dunno what I am going to do here. I guess it’s time to start doing some serious research on cheap vacation deals to the sunny South.