Political and NFL-related news from Las Vegas this Sunday

Just wanted to pass along some Las Vegas-related news this Sunday morning:

Las Vegas is hosting the final presidential debate in three days, to be moderated by Chris Wallace! Sadly, the gong show related to that debate and this whole presidential campaign goes on. Donald Trump has now publicly called for drug tests to be performed on both candidates before the debate.

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What is this supposed to prove?! Someone needs to remind Trump this is not the UFC, and not the WWE. This is a presidential debate, serious business. At least, that’s what it was before this year. (What’s next — ring girls?)

In other, and more serious, news — who needs an NFL team in Las Vegas when you have Trump thereright? Anyway, it seems too many people in Nevada have decided Trump is not enough, and that life is simply not worth living without the NFL in their state.

This deal for a $1.9 billion publicly-funded new NFL stadium in Las Vegas has been approved by the entire Nevada state legislature. Now all they need is for the Oakland Raiders to make their move to Las Vegas official, but there is still much work ahead. In fact it is still questionable the team will even move out of the Bay Area.

I find it remarkable that Las Vegas and the rest of Nevada is bending over backwards wasting no end of public money to attract the NFL, while folks in Oakland have been dragging their feet, and while folks in San Diego have been dragging their feet, and while the rest of America’s interest in the league seems to be cooling off

Does Las Vegas, Nevada really want the NFL this badly? I guess so, eh?!