This US election is absolutely the worst I’ve ever seen! Trump is a maniac!!

We are at the weekend, a time when we all ought to take time out from following politics to tune into baseball or football, or hockey, or soccer from England like I’m doing now. Whatever will get you away from the nonstop, unedifying politics on CNN and Fox News. 

This whole week has been a gong show, with the New York Times and others interviewing all these women hurling sexual accusations at Donald Trump, followed by Trump’s vicious pushback and threats to sue the Times, and his other rantings and ravings. He’s also been fighting fellow Republicans and trashing the “Establishment”. This Trump campaign is back to being what it was during the primaries: a maniacal, anti-everyone campaign. 

All the bad campaign habits that the Trump effort needed to get out of its system before Labor Day are back and as bad as ever — undisciplinedness, going off-message, nonstop attacks on everyone in sight, you name it. Worse yet, his controversies managed to upstage this week’s latest WikiLeaks dump. This week ought to have been a thoroughly embarrassing one for Hillary Clinton, but this news is all being lost in the shuffle.

The “air of death” is rapidly taking over the Trump sinking ship. Americans are sick of Trump’s craziness and scandals, not to mention the general combativeness and hyper-partisanship of his biggest supporters who appear on TV. Even the attacks on Hillary Clinton and her hilarious husband Bill are getting tiresome, it just makes his whole campaign look negative. He’s clearly losing, and everyone knows it except Trump’s die-hard supporters who still are convinced he is winning.

Why do we know he is losing? According to this week’s polls, apparently even Utah is in play now, thanks in large part to Evan McMullin’s spoiler role there on the ballot. If it is even a race in Utah, a state that is traditionally one of the reddest Red States in the whole Union, Trump can forget the White House. Period. End of statement.