Canadians still in shock over death of former Alberta premier Jim Prentice

People are still coming to terms with the shocking news today that former Alberta premier Jim Prentice was one of four people who died in a plane crash outside of Kelowna

It was the Kelowna angle of this tragedy that really got my attention, because my whole family lives there now and I’ve ended up flying in and out of that airport quite often. Apparently, Prentice’s plane was meant to fly back to the Calgary area that night but crashed soon after takeoff.

I spent the noon hour listening to the Alberta radio stations as the reactions came in, it’s fair to say the on-air people were all stunned. Prentice was the last in the long line of Alberta PC premiers before their 2015 election pummelling, and a lot of those premiers have died just in the past few years – Peter Lougheed, Ralph Klein and Don Getty. And this latest news comes right after the death of MLA Manmeet Bhullar in a car crash not long after the election. To say that the Alberta PC party is reeling these days doesn’t even begin to describe it.