The Raiders a step closer to Vegas: NV Senate supports stadium funding

You know, the National Football League is having its problems lately. Its TV ratings are still taking a dive and people are still blaming it on all kinds of things: backlash from the anthem protests, competition from the presidential debates, you name it. 

But there is at least one place which still holds the NFL in high esteem. Nevada

Today, its State Senate voted 16-5 in favor of a deal for a new Las Vegas domed stadium to try and lure the Oakland Raiders. It needed two-thirds support to pass, and made it. I guess what put it over the top was intense lobbying by the trade unions to put all these unemployed construction workers in Las Vegas back to work. 

This deal includes a hike to the room taxes in all the hotels. Apparently, though, the room tax would go up by just under a percent. I don’t exactly know what this means in plain English, but if it’s going to be only a slight increase I could probably live with it as a tourist. I’ll simply stay one less night in Vegas, then, on my trips there (hee hee). 

(Or perhaps I’ll do what Paulina Gretzky does and go to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico instead on vacation. Think about that, Vegas.)

Still, this is not a done deal yet, this goes to the Assembly on Thursday where this could still run into problems. 

Keep in mind there is a lot of public money going into this proposal — $750 million — and the whole stadium project is estimated at $1.9 billion!! That, folks, is absolutely ridiculous. Here in Saskatchewan, they just finished building a new pro football stadium for the Roughriders with public funding, and people here already think it is an absolute palace compared to the old place, and it only cost $278 million! And yet there are people here who think that is a lot of money! 

Anyway, it just shows you what lengths leaders in Las Vegas and in Nevada will go to, just to bring an NFL team there. Personally, I think the overall price tag is a waste of money and that Las Vegas is already doing well with what they have there now (NASCAR, new NHL team, the fights, etc.), but I guess they really, really want the NFL. I guess I can’t blame them; if I were living there I’d probably want the NFL, too.

$1.9 billion dollars for a new stadium for the Raiders; that is insane.