As expected, the Blue Jays-Rangers game was more uplifting than the debate

It is Thanksgiving Day here in frozen Canada, and I’m thankful. Thankful that I am not being stressed-out watching yet another tension-filled Blue Jays playoff game. 

That was yet another crazy extra-inning win last night, capped off by Josh Donaldson running home from second after a double-play attempt was messed up at first base. The 7-6 win puts the Blue Jays into the American League Championship Series, again.

Anyway, I am delighted with the play of the Blue Jays during this post-season; they are finally playing like the team everyone expected them to be. As for whether they win the World Series, who knows? I am just trying to enjoy the ride as long as it goes.

Last night, I ended up tuning in both this game and the presidential debate at the same time — which was easy to do. I would either watch the debate and listen to the big game on the radio, or I would have the radio on the debate and watch the game. 

I’m sorry, but that debate last night was a circus, even before it started. In fact, its biggest moment came before the debate when Donald Trump held a surprise press conference in which he paraded out Bill Clinton’s accusers. That set the tone for the whole evening, as the debate was vicious in tone. Trump and Clinton were hurling accusations at one another and the moderators kept on interrupting. They may have called it a “presidential debate” but the tone sure didn’t come across as “presidential.”

A few are suggesting Trump saved his campaign with his performance. The NY Daily News isn’t convinced: their front page showed a picture of Trump holding the back of his chair with the headline “Grab a seat, loser!” I don’t know what to think of this race anymore; Abraham Lincoln he is not. 

Also, the fallout continues from that incendiary sexually-charged banter between Trump and Billy Bush caught on tape from 2005. Now word is Bush has been suspended from the Today Show, pending further review of the matter. 

Personally, I think Bush is probably finished at that show, all because of this one tape from 11 years ago that people are freaking out over now. Quite honestly, I kind of think he is getting a raw deal here, because it seems to me that what transpired in that situation was mainly Trump’s doing (his big mouth again, etc.). I think Bush has simply gotten caught up in the toxic, uptight atmosphere of 2016, that’s what I think. I notice his ex-Access Hollywood colleague Kit Hoover was in tears over this, talking about it on Access Hollywood Live, saying this wasn’t the Billy Bush she knew and how great a guy Bush really was. 

In other news, I notice one of Trump’s former casinos in Atlantic City, the Taj Mahal, has closed today. This is the fifth major casino to close there in recent years, and all in all these really are sad times for Atlantic City. 

Anyway, enough of that. I plan to spend my day today goofing off. Now that the Blue Jays have some days off, that frees me up to watch old James Bond movies or do something constructive with my time.

Update: I agree with Rush Limbaugh, these “October surprise” smears are exactly what turns people off of politics!

But I also agree with Bob Schieffer! That debate last night really was disgraceful.