Hurricane Trump’s campaign rapidly losing steam due to his big mouth

Welcome to this week’s edition of News from Nowhere, in which we resume our live continuing coverage of Hurricane Donald, I mean Matthew.

Oh, what the heck, I might as well talk about Donald Trump. Heck, everyone else is. In fact, I find it fascinating that Trump’s legendarily oversized mouth managed to upstage an entire massive fearsome hurricane in the news cycle yesterday.

What is worse, this was Trump’s big mouth from 2005 coming back to haunt him, with lewd “hot mic” remarks to Billy Bush, then of Access Hollywood, about trying to “f—” a married woman, and of grabbing women by the “p—y”, and so on. And it was all caught on tape!

Now, it’s been reported the married woman Trump was referring to was none other than Nancy O’Dell. Yikes. 

Anyway, Trump has issued an apology — rare for him, I know. This is the latest embarrassment forcing Republicans to run for cover this election cycle. Many GOPers are distancing themselves and some are either revoking their endorsements or even calling on Trump to step down as the candidate. 

All this is nothing new, this sort of thing has gone on all campaign long. What’s new is that it hasn’t stopped yet! In fact, it shows no sign of stopping, ever! The fact that these big “bozo eruptions” just keep on happening on a consistent basis — every couple of weeks or so, by my estimate — is surely Trump’s downfall. All this does is remind people on the fence about what a gong show the Presidency would become if Trump got in.

I guess there’s another Presidential debate tomorrow, but I’m rapidly losing interest in this race now — I’m simply fed up with all the mudslinging. I don’t know if I’m in the mood to see Hillary Clinton run laps around the hopeless Trump yet again in a debate. 

In fact, I think the big debate is up against the Toronto Blue Jays-Texas Rangers Game 3 of the playoffs. Well, that settles that. I’m definitely watching the Blue Jays, and hopefully they will beat up on the Rangers again and advance to the ALCS.

As for Hurricane Matthew, I tuned in the coverage yesterday as the storm skirted the north coasts of Florida. Today, it made landfall in South Carolina, and it sounds as if the place is in store for lots of flooding.

I think I now know why the weather and media folks in the USA were freaking out about people not taking hurricane warnings seriously. It’s because of the likes of Matt Drudge, who sent out tweets claiming government officials were exaggerating the storm’s impact!! And of course, this talk simply encourages people to disbelieve all the officials and weather forecasters, when the fact is they need to pay attention to them, for once.

Folks, this storm is terrible, and if you don’t believe me, believe the reports out of Haiti where the death toll could be over 800 people.

That’s enough from me for today.