Hurricane Matthew starts its pounding of the Florida coast

I’m currently watching the online coverage of Cat.4 Hurricane Matthew as it now heads to the Florida coast. It looks like it’s going to hit the central Florida space coast area around Cape Canaveral, among other places, which happens to be the part of Florida that I’ve been to before in my life. Even Disney World is closed, folks. The Bahamas, not far away, has just taken a direct hit from the storm. There are hurricane warnings in effect along the Florida coast all the way into South Carolina. 

This storm has already killed hundreds of people. Yet there is lots of concern that people aren’t taking the TV forecasters or calls for evacuations seriously; they think this is a lot of hype. Even the Weather Channel had to issue a statement saying we are not kidding

Come on, folks in America. I know you don’t like to believe anyone in power or in the media these days, but this is one time to actually take the warnings seriously and to get the heck out of there.