Weather report: Matthew could be a hurricane threat to Caribbean

So, I don’t feel like reading about Alicia Machado (Hillary Clinton’s favorite Miss Universe) yet again today. In fact, I don’t feel like reading any news, period. But I need my information fix, so instead I’m going to read the weather report. 

Besides, I need to think of places to go to when North America goes straight into the freezer again this winter. Lessee, what’s the forecast looking like in the tropics? Is it sunny and hot down there, unlike here? 

Oh, great. Matthew has started up in the Caribbean Sea as a tropical storm and could be a hurricane by early next week. It could threaten Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba, the Bahamas — all these fun places. 

And it could threaten to cross those places off as potential vacation destinations if enough damage is done. Oh, well. Hopefully, this will miss all the major resorts and populated areas.

Update: Good grief, this storm is now category 4.