Trump-Clinton debate was exactly what I expected. Vicious stuff.

Based on what I saw of it — and this particular exchange (courtesy CNBC) struck me as a good example of what happened tonight — I don’t see the dynamics of the race changing much based on this debate. 

Hillary Clinton seemed smug and condescending, that’s the best way to describe it. And Trump was Trump, same as usual. In short, it was exactly what I expected: politicians fighting below the belt.

The folks at NRO’s “The Corner” weren’t impressed with Donald Trump, obviously, and seem convinced that he lost the debate. But they don’t seem too sure that Hillary picked up any ground. Jim Geraghty says it all with the headline of If This Night Doesn’t Save Hillary’s Campaign, Nothing Will. 

Meanwhile, Bob Schieffer of CBS News was of the view this debate didn’t sway many voters, which I agree with. But what interested me more was the CBS post debate poll on the same page, one that showed 69 percent thought Trump won the debate. And the poll over at Drudge was even more lopsided for Trump.

I don’t know what the heck these folks at home were watching to give them that opinion (Football? The WWE?), but it’s been that kind of election.