Nine people wounded in shooting rampage by a lawyer (!) in Houston

I’ve been following the news from Houston this morning about the mass shooting today that injured nine people. The suspect is himself now deceased. 

What makes this story really bizarre is that the shooter was a lawyer. Stories are circulating that the suspect, Nathan DeSai, was a “disgruntled” attorney who had “issues” with his former law firm. 

Well, that makes him sound like he was unhappy with his colleagues. But based on what I’m reading, it increasingly looks to me as if what really happened was that his whole law practice was going downhill due to a downturn in business, and his former law partnership had to dissolve and had to move out of their offices because of it, and that he had other personal issues. It seems like he finally snapped. Which makes it sound like a really sad situation if that is what really happened with this guy.

I’m sure we will learn more about what really happened here, but count me as one of those skeptical of the “narrative” about him being “disgruntled”; there has got to be more to this story than that.

Update: now there is a report the gunman was wearing a Nazi uniform at the time of the shootings. This story keeps getting even more bizarre.