My genius suggestion to the CFL: do what the NFL is doing

I am tuning in the big Canada-Russia World Cup hockey game while waiting for the less-than-big Saskatchewan Roughriders-Hamilton Tiger-Cats CFL game to come on.

I have spent the last few days reading all this boohooing about the CFL product, with all the lousy penalties and challenges, some questionable firings of writers from the CFL’s own website, and how bad their ratings are up against the World Cup of Hockey, the Toronto Blue Jays, the NFL, etc. etc.

Well, I have figured out a sure-fire approach that will improve the CFL on-field product immediately and win back viewers. Here it is:

Figure out what the NFL is doing right, and copy it. 

And that’s it! That’s all the CFL has to do. Just emulate the NFL’s product, which, if you’ll notice, has far less ridiculous flags, far less ridiculous challenges and challenge rules, and fewer ridiculous plays in general — but also a ton more marketing and publicity. Just do what they’re doing, it’s as simple as that, and then maybe the fans in Canada who aren’t tuning in the CFL anymore might come back.

Now, the other thing that the CFL will need to do is avoid the multitude of things the NFL is doing wrong at the moment. And believe me, it’s a multitude. It goes way beyond all this unpopular take-a-knee-during-the-US-anthem nonsense.

Expect a big rant on that, tomorrow.