Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt split promises to be Super Bowl of all divorces

I’ve been reading about which family law lawyers are being hired to go to war in the Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt divorce. 

It looks to me to be the Super Bowl of divorces, or the “mother of all divorces” as Saddam Hussein would say. The fight will surely be over who gets custody of the six kids. Already it is getting ugly, with rumors of infidelity and even child abuse allegations flying in the press.

Hired on to join Pitt’s legal team is family law attorney Lance Spiegel. Who is Lance Spiegel? Well, this Hollywood Reporter article tells you who he is, he represented such names as Eva Longoria and Charlie Sheen in their respective breakups

Meanwhile, Angelina has hired Laura Wasser, a.k.a. The “Disso Queen” for all the high profile divorces she has done. Wasser was the one who filed Angelina’s divorce papers.

Of course, this all sort of interests me because of my own brief career in divorce law in southern Sask. I didn’t enjoy it at the time. Yet now, I look at this lawyering-up by these big celebrities and I’m thinking maybe I should have stuck it out in family law. It can involve some pretty big money and this particular divorce looks like exciting stuff.

But then I remind myself what the real problem was with that divorce law job. It was never the subject matter, it was the location. It was always the location. (Read: not LA.)

For that reason alone, I was never going to be in any position to make big money representing the likes of either Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie in any divorce.