I don’t believe it! The Detroit Lions finally have cheerleaders!

While watching highlights of today’s NFL games I needed to do a double-take when I saw cheerleaders on the sidelines of today’s game at Ford Field between the Detroit Lions and Tennessee Titans. 

Sure enough, it was the Detroit Lions cheerleading squad! Yes folks, it’s official, the Detroit Lions have indeed caved, they have finally gotten cheerleaders after all these many years of refusing to have an official squad. 

Of course, perhaps the real reason the Lions didn’t have cheerleaders before was because there was nothing to cheer about there, period. At least, these ladies should help distract the fans from all the crummy play they usually get from the Lions on the field. Photos from their first regular-season game on the job are here.

Now that the Lions have ended their pom-poms holdout, which other NFL team holdout will be next to bring in the cheerleaders? My bet is the losing Cleveland Browns; they desperately need something to cheer up their miserable fans.