News from Nowhere on 9/11/16: NFL, Miss America, and Pres. election stuff

Welcome to News from Nowhere for this Sunday. Obviously, this is a sad and solemn day, marking the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. It has been felt even during these NFL Sunday games, with pre-game ceremonies at these various locations. I notice former President George W.Bush was at the pre-game ceremony at the Dallas-Giants game in Texas.

As well, I guess everyone was also watching to see if any more players were going to do the Colin Kaepernick thing and refuse to stand, take a knee or otherwise protest during the national anthems. It sounds like a lot of that did indeed happen. People cared more about the pre-games today than the actual games! 

It was an active last few days of the presidential race. Today, of course, people paused for 9/11 ceremonies, but Hillary Clinton had to leave early from one of them — prompting the usual people to point out all her health problems again. The breaking news now from Fox News is that it’s pneumonia.

Network TV news interrupted their programming to report on this story. Anyway, this business of Mrs. Clinton’s health is surely not going to go away as a story any time soon after this.

As for the rest of the week — the big news from the campaign was probably that Commander-in-Chief forum on NBC hosted by Matt Lauer, in which Clinton and Donald Trump appeared. It sounds like the biggest loser was Lauer. A lot of people blasted him for his lousy hosting job — though I really think most of the criticism is coming from pro-Hillary people. I think they think he was too hard on her, and too soft on Trump. It looks like sour grapes to me.

It was also a particularly bad week for third-party Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, who went on Morning Joe and failed to recognize “Aleppo” (the city in Syria that is the current hot spot for all the problems in the civil war there) when asked about it by Mike Barnicle. Johnson later said he thought it was an acronym they were referring to. 

In any event, people are now saying Johnson’s answer “disqualifies him from the Presidency”. Good grief, people, isn’t there anyone left on this November ballot qualified to be President? 

All I hope is that these candidates know where North Korea is on a map, because this latest nuclear test of theirs frightens me far more than the already scary stuff already going on in Syria.

Still with the US presidential race, Hillary went on the attack the other day against Trump’s own supporters, calling half of them a “basket of deplorables“. She called them racist, sexist, xenophobic, the works. Wow. It is one thing to hurl insults at your opponent, but at a whole group of voters? That is surely not going to look good with the people. 

Hillary looks like the presidential candidate in full “implosion” mode right now. Meanwhile, Trump is the one lying low for the moment, as he looks all too happy to let Hillary self-destruct on the stump. He was in St. Louis for the Phyllis Schlafly funeral this weekend, and got a warm reception there. For Trump, it’s been another decent week.

Of course, what would this blog be without beauty pageant news! 

I’m sorry folks, I like the ladies. This is a big reminder to myself to tune in the Miss America pageant tonight on ABC from Atlantic City. This pageant is making news because one of the contestants, Miss Missouri Erin O’Flaherty, is a lesbian who might become the first out lesbian to become Miss America. Needless to say the mainstream media is quite excited for this prospect. But I’ve read many of these “expert predictions” online and they don’t seem to give Miss Missouri much of a chance. We shall see.

This pageant is up against NFL football tonight, though, so I don’t expect too many guys will be tuning in. Heck, being the big football fan that I am, I might even forget to tune in — that’s why I’m reminding myself that Miss America is on tonight. Anyway, the Miss America Pageant is a unique piece of Americana worth tuning in for. You never know what might happen on live television; they could announce the wrong winner or something.

In other sports besides the NFL, the men’s final for the US Open tennis is today.

Finally, after last night’s Richmond race the field is set for the Chase. What — you really thought I would get through a whole blog post on the happenings of the week without mentioning NASCAR? I had to mention it. 

That’s all for now.