Canadian TV news legend Peter Mansbridge has announced his retirement

Today turned out to be a big day for TV news departures. 

Peter Mansbridge announced he is going to retire as anchor for The National as of next July 1. He has been at this job for something like three decades.

Mansbridge is known for a lot of things in the news business in Canada but he is particularly famous for his anchoring of major political conventions in this country. The timetable for his departure is interesting because it allows Mansbridge to be around for one last leadership contest — the Conservative vote next May 27.

Interestingly, the story of how he got The National anchor job is legendary in itself — his predecessor Knowlton Nash had stepped down from the job in an effort to convince Mansbridge to stay at the CBC instead of bolting to CBS’s morning show in the USA. 

Quite honestly, I’m convinced that if Mansbridge had gone to CBS, he would have ended up becoming anchor of the CBS Evening News. Think about that for a moment.