Big shocking TV news: Greta Van Susteren departs Fox News Channel

The shocking news from TV today is that Greta Van Susteren has left Fox News Channel. This is more fallout from the Roger Ailes sexual harassment scandal; Ailes’ departure gave Greta an “out” in her contract with Fox News, and so she used it last Thursday and quit. 

Based on the story I linked to from CNN, it sounds like she hasn’t been too happy there for a while. Brit Hume replaces her as host of On the Record in her time slot, so that means one more full hour of political coverage, guaranteed, every night now on Fox News.

Anyway, this news sucks for her staff people. From what I’ve been reading Van Susteren is a class act in the business, and so I hope she resurfaces somewhere soon. Where, I don’t know.

MSNBC, perhaps? Syndicated talk? Maybe she can be a judge on one of these TV “judge” shows that keep showing up. Anyway, there should be a few options available.