A hurricane is heading towards Los Cabos — AGAIN!!

Here is another hurricane update for this Labour Day/Labor Day. The storms just keep on happening, folks. It now looks like Los Cabos, Mexico is going to be hit by a Category 1 hurricane on Tuesday. Hurricane Newton is bearing down on that area as we speak. A hurricane warning is in effect for Baja California Sur including Cabo San Lucas. 

This news is of particular note to Canadian “snowbird” travellers who like to get away from the cold weather that Canada is infamous for. Already, the Canadian media is freaking out about this storm, and the government is urging Canadians to avoid non-essential travel to the region for the time being.

This is the same place that got absolutely hammered by Hurricane Odile a couple of years ago, but that was a much more vicious storm: Category 3. Speaking of timing, I notice the New York Post recently ran a piece talking up Los Cabos as a travel destination, particularly playing up all these mandatory renovations that had been done at all these oceanfront resorts that had been hit. 

Hopefully, Hurricane Newton won’t be quite as terrible as that one was and maybe these resorts won’t take a direct hit this time.