Hurricanes, debate moderators, Colin Kaepernick, and other News from Nowhere 

Welcome to News from Nowhere for this Friday afternoon prior to the Labor Day/Labour Day weekend. Let me tell you, this is one weekend in particular in which I am literally crawling to the finish line again — although even the finish line will have to wait, because I have a work assignment tomorrow. 

There is a variety of news this week and one of them is Hermine which indeed hit the north Gulf Coast of Florida as a Cat. 1 hurricane and is now a tropical storm. Here’s an update on what it did from Fox News. 

Also, read the comments beneath it because apparently there were lots of people unimpressed by this storm’s impact, with “LOL”-type comments directed at the “lamestream” media. 

The other story is Hurricane Lester which could have an impact on Hawaii. Or maybe not. Anyway, hurricane season is on and things are active.

The American presidential race is still going on but I don’t think I’m going to talk much about it today. I’m actually quite fed up with all this talk about putting up “walls” to keep the immigrants out of the USA. 

As it turns out, Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson says he is also fed up and wrote up his piece about the issue for CNN. 

To which I say “right on.” In my eyes Johnson looks like the only one in this race talking sense on the whole immigration issue, but unfortunately common sense seems to have left the station down there in the “Upset States of America” — and many other countries for that matter (ie. Brexit).

Other politics news: moderators for the presidential/vice presidential debates have been selected and for whatever reason I’ve been reading lots of whining articles by political-correct people lately as to “why is it only white males who are chosen as debate moderators?” 

Except, for these upcoming debates, one of the moderators is black (Lester Holt) and two of them are female (Martha Raddatz, Elaine Quijano)! 

The lone white male is in fact Chris Wallace of Fox News. So, by my count, that’s only one of four. (Sorry, folks — no Megyn Kelly for these debates.)

Speaking of Fox News, I notice New York magazine’s Gabriel Sherman is still going after Roger Ailes in print, with this latest piece on his downfall running this week.

In space-travel news it was not a good week, as a SpaceX rocket blew right up on the launch pad at Cape Canaveral, taking out a Facebook satellite that would have launched along with it.

It is a sad time in the entertainment world. I have not had a chance yet to note the death of Gene Wilder, star of many Mel Brooks movies including The Producers, and who starred opposite Richard Pryor in movies like Stir Crazy — a movie that I thought was funny as heck. His talent will be missed

In sports the US Open tennis is on. As well, US college football is on but I’m already mad because none of the Canadian all-sports channels bothered to show one game of it Thursday, and I see nothing on the schedule tonight (although I guess TSN will be showing that Boston College-Georgia Tech game in Dublin, Ireland tomorrow, among others.) 

Doesn’t anyone in this country watch football anymore? This is outrageous. Maybe I need to immigrate to the ‘States. 

(But if I am going to move to the ‘States, I’d better get on with it right nowbefore the election.)

Finally, the NFL pre-season is now over and the biggest story to emerge from it all was the antics of San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick during the national anthems. 

Last week, he refused to stand for the anthem — on principle, in protest of the treatment of black people in the country. Then this week in San Diego, on Armed Forces Night no less, he protested again, but this time opted to kneel down during the anthem along with another player

I don’t know what to make of this, but the USA is a free country with freedom of speech written right there in the U.S. Constitution, so that means Kaepernick gets to do what he does, even though people may not like it and think it’s unpatriotic.

By the way, Kaepernick has had a lousy training camp and there are rumors he may be cut by the 49ers for his lousy play AND for his national anthem theatrics. So he might soon have to look for another team with pressing QB needs. Maybe the Vikings will take him.

That’s it!