All the talk today is about Donald Trump meeting with the president of Mexico

It has taken a while, but you have to admit the Donald Trump presidential campaign is starting to do some smart things. 

His surprise trip to Mexico, meeting with President Enrique Pena Nieto sure made the evening newscasts tonight, didn’t it? 

It sort of reminded me of the Ronald Reagan meetings with Mikhail Gorbachev in the Eighties. There was Reagan, this big Cold Warrior who talked tough about the Soviets and about Communism, but he nevertheless got down to business with the Soviet leadership on arms control. Trump gave off the same vibe today. Maybe that’s exactly what Trump and his people had in mind: make it look like he was the next Reagan. Anyway, it was a smart move, overall, what he did today with this visit to Mexico. I’m guessing this impressed a lot of people.

Tonight, Trump returns to the USA for his big immigration address in Arizona. That should be interesting, and also a good opportunity for Trump to completely reverse any and all of his momentum yet again. As for Hillary Clinton, she was pretty dismissive about Donald’s whole visit to Mexico, saying “that is not how it works.”