Politics news: in general, a down week for “Crooked Hillary” Clinton

Here is another of my updates on the US presidential election, as we are now a week ahead of Labor Day. But the candidates haven’t waited for Labor Day to start campaigning. The campaign has been on for a while.

In general, this past week has been a bad one for “Crooked Hillary” Clinton. All this business about her leaked emails and the revelations about the Clinton Foundation and how it operated — with accusations about it being a pay-for-play scheme while she was running the State Department — have really damaged her as of late. What’s more, there is the spectre that Julian Assange and WikiLeaks might have an “October surprise” dump of emails to be released later this fall to embarrass Hillary, just in time for the election.

So Hillary has been trying to “change the channel”, as they say, this week. She had her big speech in Reno, Nevada, which she launched a blistering attack on the “Alt Right” crowd said to be infiltrating Donald Trump’s campaign, and basically accused Trump of being a racist. That didn’t seem to go over too well. A lot of people seem to think Hillary went off-message with this attack.

While this was going on, Trump was spending all week looking like he wasn’t a racist, for a change. In particular, he has been making a major play for the African-American vote. He’s been busy bashing the Democrats, and particularly Democratic-run city councils all over America, for running their inner cities into the ground. 

Trump was pointing out how bad African-Americans had it in these inner-cities — no jobs,  getting shot, etc. — and was saying the Democrats were taking their vote for granted, so why not vote for him? “What have you got to lose?” Trump is saying.

It wasn’t a perfect week for Trump. He also was in the news for flip-flopping on his formerly hardline stance to deport all the illegal immigrants, but this doesn’t seem to have hurt him with his own supporters. In fact, it may even help him with voters still on the fence, who may now think Trump is finally grabbing some sense on the issue. Still, it’s funny because Trump spent the entire primary season bashing his opponents for being soft on illegal immigration, and now here he is softening-up himself.

Of course, Trump also got in trouble again for yet another of his crazy tweets, this time over the shooting death of a cousin of Dwyane Wade, but this is nothing new. People are used to this by now. 

Despite this latest hiccup, this was still a better week for Trump than it was for “Crooked Hillary”. The polls are getting closer. Plus, Trump’s crowds are still big, including at that rally with his new buddy Nigel Farage of Brexit fame.

This week was also a good preview of what we can all expect over the next two months until Election Day: a total bloodbath. Nothing less.