It’s hurricane season! Florida, even England on alert for stormy weather!!

We are now into the real exciting part of the weather calendar year. 

That’s right, we are again into hurricane season, with tropical storms of all types making life interesting for people in places like Florida, which has enough problems on its hands due to the recent outbreak of the Zika virus there

In fact, hurricane season could make the issue worse: there are stories out now that tropical storms could multiply the mosquitoes and spread the Zika virus! Wow, isn’t the news media cheery. The whole world is going to heck, according to them.

As for right now, there is a tropical system that has started up south of Florida which could move into the Gulf of Mexico and turn into something far worse later this week.

Also, there is mounting concern about Hurricane Gaston which just recently reformed over the Atlantic. But the main worry there is not that it could hit the eastern seaboard; no, the worry is it could hit England. That’s right, the U.K., a place that rarely gets hit with hurricanes, could end up getting smashed by this one. I find this hard to believe.

Anyway, keep an eye on the weather the next few days. It’s also a good idea to keep the potential for hurricanes in mind when making travel plans for the coming months.