Gawker is shutting down. Moral of the story: never mess with Hulk Hogan!

This is not surprising in the aftermath of the multi-million dollar judgement against the company after the Hulk Hogan lawsuit, but is shutting down next week

Univision is taking over, and continuing to run, the company’s other online properties including Gizmodo, Jalopnik, Jezebel, Deadspin, Lifehacker and Kotaku, says CNBC. But not the Gawker site. Gawker is kaput after 14 years.

This is the end of an era in online journalism, that is for sure, but this site wasn’t what it used to be anyway: it had ditched the gossip and turned itself over to politics 24/7 in its final months. Just what America needs, folks, yet another political website! 

This is one reason why Gawker is going away, but it’s not the only one. Making enemies is the main reason, and I’m not just talking about the Hulkster.

Moral of this entire sad story is: even with new media, the same libel, slander and defamation rules apply. Bye bye, Gawker.