This is no joke. London’s Funny 1410 is signing off

I am currently listening to the very last moments of Funny 1410, aka CKSL AM 1410 London, Ontario, before it shuts down for good at midnight Eastern time. They just had an announcement telling people they could tune in to Funny 820 from Hamilton if they wanted to keep on listening to the comedy programming. 

I have a range of emotions about this, going back to my days living in London while doing my Masters at Western. Back then they were a news/talk station and I ended up tuning in quite regularly — until the day they switched to Music of Your Life. And that was probably the beginning of the end for them, in my opinion. 

Apparently, the reason Bell is shutting this station down is because it costs too much to replace the transmitter. What a shame. Anyway, the news release about its departure is here. Also, the story from CTV London about the end of the station is here.