Roughriders are crooks, bad Olympics for broadcasters, and other Sports from Nowhere

Welcome to Sports News from Nowhere live from sunny Saskatchewan, where the top sports story is — no, not the Blue Jays, not Michael Phelps, and definitely not Alex Rodriguez

It is, as usual, the Saskatchewan Roughriders, whose recent activities seem more in line with what the Russians might do in the Olympics. The Canadian Football League has lowered the boom big time on the Riders for their monkey business with all their roster violations. They got fined $60 K for breaking CFL rules that “prohibit practicing with ineligible players, players participating in practice who are on the 6-Game Injured List and having free agents practice with players who are under contract.” The Riders were doing such things as having pre-practice squads, bringing extra players in and putting them up in houses, and so on.

The Riders also took a $26 K hit to their salary cap. Well, great. The loyal fans of the Saskatchewan Roughriders have found out their hard-earned money is going towards supporting a bunch of crooks. The money we pay for tickets and merchandise is now going towards paying off CFL fines. I know Rod Pedersen has been going on the radio claiming other teams in the league do this stuff, too, but I don’t care about that. Our team ought to rise above this level.  

Is this what the Chris Jones era with the Riders going to be about, then — winning at all cost? Well, if that’s the plan, they aren’t even getting that right, because this team is 1-5 and sinking fast. They’re no good at winning, and not even good at cheating. Saskatchewan fans may well have no reason left to care about this football season come Labour Day. 

Now some thoughts about the Olympics. It has turned into a really bad Olympics for announcers. Among other things, the “sexism police” have been on the loose looking for things broadcasters have said on the air which they find objectionable. 

But nothing beats the agony of the CBC’s Elliotte Friedman, who called Ryan Lochte’s victory in the 200 m individual medley

There was just one problem: Lochte wasn’t the winner. 

It was actually Michael Phelps winning, for his fourth gold of these Games and 22nd overall. Friedman had confused the two lanes in his call of the race. Oh, boy.

But good on Friedman to admit his blunder on Twitter and make no excuses for the screwup. 

If it makes Friedman feel any better, there has been plenty of agony to go around at the Olympics. Just today the heavily-favored USA women’s soccer team lost to Sweden in penalty kicks, crashing out in the quarter-finals and prompting a disgusted reaction from Hope Solo.

If today’s tense and high-level soccer action has you all excited about that sport, here’s more good news: Barclays Premier League season starts tomorrow.

That is it for now — now back to watching A-Rod’s retirement game on FOX.