Latest Trump news: some guy tries to climb up one of his buildings

The craziness just keeps on getting crazier for Donald Trump and his presidential bid. 

Just after his latest campaign outrage caused by his big mouth — his incendiary comments that seemed to suggest second-amendment advocates would use violence against Hillary Clinton, followed by the usual condemnation from people including Clinton herself suggesting this yet again disqualifies Trump from the Presidency — comes this latest nonsense today.

Some joker decided to scale up the side of Trump Tower in Manhattan, using suction cups to hold on to the side of the building. 

This effort lasted well over two hours before police were able to grab him, but not before millions of people found out about it on social media and tuned in live. 

Now, what happened today was not something Trump was directly responsible for, for a change, but it just adds to the circus atmosphere surrounding him and his increasingly sinking ship of a presidential bid.

How soon is the election, again? Almost three more months? 

In other political news, House speaker Paul Ryan fends off his primary opponent in Wisconsin. He will be on the fall ballot for the GOP.