Rio Olympics are on, and the US TV ratings are down!

The Olympic Games from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil are on, and the media in the USA is already freaking out because the TV ratings from the opening weekend are way down. They are down from London 2012 and even down from Barcelona in 1992! 

Could it be casual viewers are finally fed up with NBC’s lousy insistence on tape-delaying events, including even the opening ceremonies, so they can be shown in prime time (prompting the wide use of the now-infamous Twitter hashtag: #NBCFail)? Could it be they are also fed up with the endless commercials on the NBC telecasts (again: #NBCFail)? 

Or maybe, just maybe, the public simply realizes they have other options besides watching the Olympic Games, which have been plagued by corruption, doping scandals, and other problems for years. There are a ton of other options out there — such as tuning in baseball on the iPad, like I’ve been doing lately! Far more fun than watching Olympics, in my opinion, speaking as a Blue Jays fan. Anyway, we shall see if this ratings trend continues.