Suicide Squad opens to $135 million after getting pelted by Rotten Tomatoes

So the big story from the domestic motion picture box office is that Suicide Squad has opened to $135 million this weekend which is an August record, demolishing the record of Guardians of the Galaxy. 

It is also the best weekend opening ever for Will Smith, which is quite an accomplishment given the large number of hit movies he has been in.

I am not surprised this is a big hit, but the reason I am not surprised is because it’s these crazed multitudes of comic-book fans who are solely responsible for keeping Hollywood in business. It’s not the rest of us, believe me.

Quite honestly, I have absolutely no interest in seeing this flick. Just look at the poster for it! It really does look like a freak show, like some bad mutant version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I don’t care that my latest “favorite actress” Margot Robbie (of Wolf of Wall Street fame, and subject of this excessively-drooling Vanity Fair piece) is in it. She’s totally unrecognizable as Harley Quinn, so I say forget it. 

Much of the world’s movie critics have tried their best to dissuade the public not to go see this, but obviously they have failed humiliatingly yet again. The score at Rotten Tomatoes is a terrible 26 percent. The funniest critical reaction I’ve seen was from Calum Marsh of the National Post, who called this the most miserable moviegoing experience of his life.

At least these critics get well-compensated financially for watching Suicide Squad. Some people actually insist on paying good money to see stuff like this.