Tornadoes, oil spill impact highlights a bad several days for Saskatchewan

It has been a generally miserable last few days of bad news for folks here in the province of Saskatchewan. 

Not only did we have the Husky oil spill in the North Saskatchewan River that has sent communities scrambling to replace their water supply, but now we also have tornadoes! Seriously — it’s getting to be as bad as Oklahoma or Kansas. This past weekend, we had F-2 tornadoes hitting near the Yorkton-Melville area, one of them causing lots of damage to a farmhouse, and then just yesterday another one hit near Regina Beach

Just today, our own region as well as central Alberta has also been under a tornado watch. As if we needed any more things to go wrong after this oil spill. 

What’s next for us now, an earthquake? A missile strike by North Korea? Who knows?

Oh, and to top it off, the Saskatchewan Roughriders are a crummy 1-4 in the CFL under Chris Jones, and have just been slapped with fines by the league for violating the import ratio. So yeah, this whole province is in a good mood right now.