Donald Trump still the candidate from hell; now feuding with pretty much everyone

I continue to watch with horror the wretched presidential campaign of Donald Trump. It’s getting to be just one new low after another.

In particular, Trump’s unique brand of confrontation-style campaigning is catching up with him — at least, I think it is — with this latest stupid pointless fight he has picked with the Khans. 

This is the Muslim-American family whose son was killed in Iraq, and both parents took to the podium at the Democratic convention in Philadelphia to denounce Trump. Khizr Khan stood up and trashed Trump and said Trump “sacrificed nothing” for his country. In response, Trump has reacted in his usual take-no-prisoners sort of way, trashing Khan in an interview and then trashing his wife for staying silent during that whole convention speech — suggesting she maybe wasn’t being allowed to speak because of her religion. 

That brought out the usual condemnation we have come to expect, not only from Democrats but also from the likes of Republicans such as Jeb Bush and John McCain.

“While our Party has bestowed upon him the nomination, it is not accompanied by unfettered license to defame those who are the best among us,” McCain stated. Jeb tweeted out that Trump’s comments were “so incredibly disrespectful.” But, honestly, what Trump did was nothing new. This is what Trump has done all along — he’s gone after people who go after him.

In other news, Trump continues to take on all comers by going around claiming this election is rigged. He has been publicly trashing debate organizers for scheduling the debates up against NFL football, and he’s also going after the media and trashing CNN, calling them the Clinton News Network. On that last point, he’s right! But still, Trump needs to do a better job of picking his fights. Right now, Trump looks like he is bashing everyone in sight. He looks unhinged, and really is hurting his own cause with all his pointless feuds and fights. 

Of course, Trump’s past feuds with McCain and Jeb have now come back to haunt him, with both of them trashing him in print over this Khan nonsense. This is what happens when you run a confrontation-style campaign bashing other people: you tick those people off. 

And if you tick off enough of them, they come back for revenge later on. Why? Because it’s fun to do.

Trump needs to dial it back. Immediately.


May I also point out that the New York Post did their own hatchet job on Mr. Trump in recent days by running ages-old naked photos of the “future First Lady”, Melania Trump, on their front page for two days in a row.

But honestly, I don’t give a care about that. First of all, she’s not going to be First Lady at this rate anyway, the way her husband is going. Second of all, she’s not the one running for office. As I said before, Melania Trump isn’t a politician, likely has never aspired to be First Lady to begin with, and probably doesn’t give a damn about politics! Period. She’s a professional supermodel from Slovenia, and a really successful one at that. 

And what do successful supermodels sometimes do to make a good living? They pose nude for photo shoots. The coolest supermodels have all done it: Kate Moss, Gisele Bundchen, Cindy Crawford, Elle Macpherson, Heidi Klum etc. etc.

Honestly, I don’t see what the NY Post is trying to prove by shaming Melania over her racy photo-shoot past. Most people think they should give up already.


Update (Wednesday): Well, apparently GOP people are now freaking out about all the fights Trump has gotten into lately — apparently he is in a senseless feud with Paul Ryan now, too — and there is increasing talk of party officials and supporters staging an intervention to try and get him back on track. Good luck with that!! The Trump campaign is a gong show.


Another update (Thursday): the latest poll numbers for Trump are terrible.