Bernie Sanders not getting a rose from Bachelorette fans, and other News from Nowhere

Welcome to News from Nowhere and to day two of the Democratic National Convention. It looks to me as if normalcy has been restored — as much as you are going to get, anyway. It sounds like the Bernie supporters might at least be trying to get with the program now, unlike some of these #NeverTrump people last week.

The first night had the usual pro-Hillary speeches we have come to expect, as well as the usual Trump-bashing. Hilites are above from ABC News.

Speaking of ABC News— that network is in deep doo-dah today with fans of the ABC show The Bachelorette. It turned out that Bernie’s speech (in which he endorsed Hillary) ended up going over time, which meant that The Bachelorette show did not get started on time in several markets in the Pacific time zone! Oh, the horrors. 

Anyway, for Bachelorette fans who want to know what happened on the show, here it is. 

Tonight, Hillary will be officially nominated in the roll call vote and her hilarious husband Bill will be speaking, too. Makes me almost wish I PVRed The Bachelorette. Just kidding; actually, I never watch that show anyway.

Finally, while still on politics, here is a link to a pessimistic Huff Post article from a very depressed-sounding film director Michael Moore on why he thinks Trump will win. Frankly, he makes a lot of good points, particularly about the mood in these rust-belt states.

So that is the news on goings on in Philadelphia, now here is more in the News from Nowhere.

  • The big news in business is that Verizon is taking over Yahoo!. The former tech giant was acquired for a puny $5 billion — a far cry from what it was worth before.
  • We have more news about deadly massacres going on in the world. The latest was in Japan where 19 people were killed by a knife wielding lunatic.
  • In box office news, the winner at the domestic box office this weekend ($59 mil) was Star Trek Beyond. But over in China the winner was Jackie Chan in Skiptrace ($60 mil.)
  • In Olympics news, the IOC chickened out and decided not to kick out the entire Russian team from the Olympics in Rio. Instead, 37 of the athletes are being banned. Strangely enough, I actually feel this was the right decision — a lot of innocent people would have been impacted if the whole country was banned.
  • Zika is still running amuck. Not only is it amuck in Brazil, but now you way want to reconsider your vacation plans for the Dominican Republic.
  • And in local news, there was a huge oil spill into the North Saskatchewan River that has impacted the water supply for a number of communities in Saskatchewan including North Battleford and Prince Albert. A big headache for officials to say the least. 

That is it for the moment.