DNC chair is out after hacked emails revealed they were all-in for Hillary!!!

Well, the Democrats probably need to quit gloating today about how badly the Republican convention went a week ago. The Dems’ effort in Philadelphia is already in chaos, and their convention has not even opened yet!

The reason is because of the revelations gleaned by that big Wikileaks hack of 19,000 Democratic National Committee emails which show the DNC were clearly behind Hillary Clinton all the way during the primaries. The Bernie Sanders supporters are aghast at this news because it confirms what they suspected all along: that this entire process was rigged for Hillary and that the DNC were playing favorites. Sanders himself demanded and ultimately got the resignation of Debbie Wasserman Schultz as DNC chair. 

So the folks on the news channels were all over that story today, and both the party and Hillary have egg on their faces. Needless to say, the Trump campaign is having a field day with this

Instead of their convention week getting off to a roaring start, the Clinton campaign has been reduced to doing damage control. Now they are claiming these hacked DNC emails were released by the Russians to help the Trump campaign.

Anyway, that is the big breaking news of the day. Ain’t US politics a big hoot right now.

The schedule for this week’s convention is roughly as follows: Monday is Bernie Sanders, Tuesday is Bill Clinton, Wednesday is President Obama, and Thursday is Hillary Clinton accepting the nomination. That’s all for now.