Night 3 of the GOP, and it is still a Hillary Clinton bash-fest there in Cleveland

We are onto night number three of the Donald Trump coronation. 

Based on what you would hear from most of these networks and reporters, you would think this convention is a total disaster. They were still on about the Melania Trump speech plagiarism and today, a speechwriter finally confessed to being responsible for this debacle.

Also, there is this behind-the-scenes snarling by the Trump people because Ohio Gov. John Kasich didn’t show up at the convention in his own state. 

Other than that, this convention has gone pretty smoothly.  There’s been far less violence in the streets than I expected. 

And for all the talk about “establishment” figures not showing up, it sure seems like a lot of big Republican names are there speaking — Rudy Giuliani, Joni Ernst, Newt Gingrich etc. And you look at the lineup for tonight, and it’s not an insignificant group of people. So really, all this talk about big names not showing up is a little overblown.

As for the speeches in general, it continues to be a big Hillary Clinton bash-fest every night. Last night the most memorable speech was from Gov. Chris Christie who rattled off a long list of Hillary messes on the international stage, Benghazi included, and asked the audience repeatedly if she was “guilty or not guilty”? Of course, the delegates were bloodthirsty as usual with their cries of “lock her up!” 

As well, there was a speech by Dana White praising Trump, which makes you think Trump must not be such a bad guy after all. Hey, if Trump likes the UFC, he must be a good guy. ( Republicans didn’t used to be in the UFC’s corner; I recall that former nominee John McCain was one of the people who really went after the UFC back in the day.)

Anyway, today I’m finding these proceedings in Cleveland are getting to be boring. We are getting one speech after another praising Donald Trump and bashing Hillary, and it really has gotten to the point where this is sounding like a big campaign infomercial. Next week’s Democratic convention in Philadelphia promises to be even more of the same, in reverse.

Tonight’s lineup includes a speech from Ted Cruz, and earlier today CNN’s Dana Bash was breaking the big news that there was no mention of an endorsement of Trump in his speech. So that is what the reporters have been reduced to — reporting big breaking news on whether the party is unified. Also, Gov. Mike Pence speaks tonight as well to accept the VP nod.


That is what is happening at the convention. Now, here is the rest of the news of the day:

I guess the other big political news of the day was that Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos has been banned for life on Twitter for getting into a vicious Twitter fight with Leslie Jones of Ghostbusters. People are really up in arms about this on social media, claiming free speech is being attacked.

Which reminds me… Box office news from the weekend: The Secret Life of Pets edged out Ghostbusters,  $50.5 million to $46 million.

In other entertainment news producer Garry Marshall of Happy Days fame has died.

And the field is set for the final table of the World Series of Poker Main Event, to be held in November.

That is it for now.


Update: and in big breaking news, the GOP convention is a gong show again. Ted Cruz was booed off the stage after he failed to endorse Trump in his speech. He actually told the delegates to “vote your conscience“. Wow.