Hoo boy. Ted Cruz gets booed off the stage after telling GOP delegates to vote their conscience

I am currently watching NBC News coverage of the massive fallout from tonight’s disastrous Ted Cruz speech in which Cruz not only refused to endorse Donald Trump but instead implored delegates to vote their conscience. That speech brought a chorus of boos from people on the floor and a lot of condemnation from Republicans. NBC interviewed both Rep. Peter King and Gov. Chris Christie on the floor and both of them thoroughly trashed Cruz for his speech. 

Honestly, I thought it was a classless move by Cruz and a bad political move for the future. The fact is that even when folks like Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan lost at the convention, they still went up to endorse the nominee and call for party unity. It made them look statesmanlike by doing that, and it set them up to win the nomination in later years. 

Cruz may think he’s set himself up to be the leading anti-Trump candidate in 2020, but he really does come out of this looking like a sore loser. 
You have to admit — this sure pushes the controversy about Melania Trump out of the way, eh?