It’s Day 2, and all the talk is of Melania Trump plagiarizing Michelle Obama

This is no way to start a convention, with a needless controversy like this. 

But last night Melania Trump sure seemed to repeat pretty much the exact same thing as what Michelle Obama said at her husband’s convention in 2008 — stuff about working hard for what you want in life, and your word is your bond, and you treat people with respect, and so on. Almost word for word the same. 

This controversy made for a pretty unintentionally exciting day at the GOP convention, and also ruined what seemed like a good night for the Republicans, with one speaker after another going up and trashing Hillary Clinton

But nobody cares about that now. This speechwriting debacle is more of the same amateur-hour incompetence from the Trump campaign that we have come to expect.

Apparently, no one is going to be fired over this. I’m guessing this is due to a shortage of people willing to work for Trump, but never mind. As for Melania, what now? Is she going to resign as Trump’s wife?

I think that’s the other thing you have to keep in mind about all this — she’s a spouse, people, she’s not running for office. Moreover, it’s obvious she’s not that into politics — she’s a supermodel, folks. Still, this is really the fault of the speechwriter here, this is just plain laziness. As Donald Trump would say, “you’re fired!”

Anyway, that was night number one, and it can only get better from here, eh?