Day 1 of GOP convention highlighted by #NeverTrump’s last stand

Well the first day of the GOP convention has been a wild one already — basically the afternoon session was way more exciting than this evening is going to be. What basically happened today was that #NeverTrump forces blew off a lot of steam on the floor.

These delegates tried to throw out the rules that would have bound the delegates to Donald Trump. They attempted to get a roll call vote on adopting the report of the rules committee, and nine states had apparently been rounded up to force a roll call vote.

But what ended up happening was that the chair held a voice vote, declared the “ayes” have it, and then walked off the stage, ignoring all these “nay” people who were shouting from the floor!

So they had to go back and do the voice vote again, and the same thing happened. Eventually the chair ruled not enough states had met the threshold for a roll call vote. It turned out the Trump folks managed to convince delegates in three of the states to rescind their support for it. 

So that was it — the Trump forces totally prevailed. 

Checking out the coverage, though, you would have thought this convention was in chaos. These cable TV reporters reacted like they had never seen this sort of thing before. They were calling it “unprecedented”, but in fact it is “precedented”: it’s simply been a while since we’ve seen this sort of thing happen. Not for at least 30 years or so.

The fact is there is still a vocal minority of Republicans who will not support Trump and that was evident today. All this was was their last gasp. The end. 

Now that all the excitement is out of the GOP’s system, the theme for this evening’s TV coverage is “Make America Safe Again”, highlighted by the speech from the “Republican nominee for First Lady”, Melania Trump.