It is another sad News from Nowhere due to tragedy in Baton Rouge

This pre-GOP convention News from Nowhere will be relatively short tonight for a lot of reasons — one of them being I’m tired and want to go to bed.

But I followed the news today about more police shootings in the USA, this time in Baton Rouge where three police officers were killed today and three injured. 

I really don’t feel like saying any more about it, mainly because I want to heed President Obama’s advice and help bring the temperature down in the USA. Tensions are just too high there and all this media coverage is simply fanning the flames and making things worse.

And speaking of tensions, there is mounting concern about the Republican National Convention which starts tomorrow. It would surprise no one if violence erupts in the streets of Cleveland. I’m convinced every troublemaker in the USA will want to be there to make trouble in order to get noticed by all the media. All these folks who were down in Ferguson will be there, guaranteed. 

The other big international story was that the coup failed in Turkey and now the President is rounding up all the plotters.

Finally, sports news about Henrik Stenson’s near-perfect British Open.

That’s all.