Luke Russert departs NBC News, right before the conventions

Was surprised to see this story over on TVNewser: Luke Russert has quit as Capitol Hill correspondent for NBC News. 

This surprises people because they see the Congress beat as this plum assignment, but it sounds like Russert, son of the late great political journalist Tim Russert, feels the need to take some extended time off to figure out exactly what he wants to do with his life and whether or not this is really his calling. This piece at Mediaite seems to suggest maybe he’d actually rather do the sports.

A lot of people are shocked by the timing, right before the political conventions which are usually the Super Bowl of political coverage in the USA, but you also have to keep in mind this isn’t the wild and exciting presidential race he’s covering. Instead, it’s Congress. 

Let’s face it, that depressing place isn’t where the real action is in American politics, at least not right now. In fact, it is more and more apparent that the real political story in the USA in 2016 is not within the notorious bubble that is Washington D.C., but out there in the whole rest of the country and, in particular, the streets.

Next week the political story moves to Cleveland. More about that, next post.