Joanna Krupa poses for Treats! and yet again cannot keep her clothes on to save her life

Now, a much needed distraction from all the troubles in the world…

Actually, it’s just me who is distracted yet again by the supermodels. I’m sorry, folks. I know this is 2016 and we are supposed to have evolution in our society and all that, but I’m still thoroughly fascinated by the amazing Real Housewives star, animal rights activist and poker player Joanna Krupa. She is insanely hot.

This week, news broke that Joanna has posed totally naked yet again, at age 37, for Treats! Magazine Issue 11. Story about her shoot is in the Daily Mail here. (I guess it was a slow news day at the Daily Mail.) Story about it from ET here

As I said — a much-needed distraction at a time like this.