Theresa May in as PM, Boris Johnson is Foreign Secretary (!), and George Osborne joins the scrap heap

It was an eventful day in British politics, so much so that I am now jealous that I cover politics over here instead of there

  • Prime Minister David Cameron had his last Prime Minister’s Questions today and bid farewell to the members and also to Larry, the Downing Street Cat. He closed with the words “I was the future once” — in reference to words from a famous exchange in Parliament years ago up against Tony Blair.
  • After Theresa May was called upon by the Queen to be Prime Minister, a flurry of cabinet appointments — with many of the leading figures in the new Cabinet to be pro-Brexit people. Among them: Boris Johnson is Foreign Secretary (!!!), David Davis is the Brexit minister who’ll lead negotiations to exit the Union, and Philip Hammond is the new Chancellor of the Exchequer. 
  • And George Osborne heads to what is a now familiar place for British politicians these days: the scrap heap.

Live coverage of the day here. You have to admit, British politics has the Americans all beat right now in terms of excitement.