Black Lives Matter protests, Gretchen Carlson, possible VPs, and Europe are in the News from Nowhere

Welcome to this latest effort of News from Nowhere, and I am going to try and cut down on news from Dallas, Texas to focus on the rest of what is going on in the world. The key word is “try”. Unfortunately, it just ain’t happening. We are still hearing a lot of talk from the “Black Lives Matter” people about the shootings of black people by police. To counter that, we are now getting the pro-police people who are saying “Blue Lives Matter”. 

My only concern is that it seems to me that Americans are once again being encouraged to take sides with this sort of talk — with the “black”, or the “blue”. I gotta say it again — “don’t any lives matter?” All lives ought to count for something, that is my view.  

And the protests go on. Just last night, I was watching the news live streams and I noticed there was a big Black Lives Matter protest up in Minnesota that blocked one of the freeways, and the police had to use tear gas to break it up. 

Up here in frozen Canada, people are looking at what is going on in the ‘States with disbelief. People here are thinking America is coming apart at the seams. It reminds people of what went on in 1968, with all of that year’s violence! Meanwhile, President Barack Obama gave his big statement in Warsaw and he was saying this is nothing like that, that America is not as divided as some suggest. Well, you could have fooled me. In my opinion, something has got to be done to calm this situation once and for all — otherwise, we will have another 1968 on our hands before long.

On to other news now from what is surely the “Upset States of America”. The latest to be upset: Gretchen Carlson, who has filed a big sexual harassment lawsuit against former employer Roger Ailes after being fired by Fox News!

This has brought out the hit pieces in the press with more accusations levelled against Ailes and the predictable comparisons to Bill Cosby. Meanwhile, you are also seeing a perhaps surprising number of Fox News women – Maria Bartiromo, Greta Van Susteren, Kimberly Guilfoyle – backing Ailes. You know what I think? I think the TV news business sucks, that’s what I think. As for these accusations, we’ll see what transpires.

Other news: the political conventions in the USA are later this month and the hot speculation is all about vice-presidential running mates. We have heard the rumors about who Donald Trump might pick — Newt Gingrich, Joni Ernst etc. — but the latest name being floated out there is retired Army general Michael Flynn, who, quite frankly, I’d never heard of before this week.

The problem is Flynn just went on ABC’s This Week and confirmed he was pro-choice! Well, this would not be a pick that would promote GOP party unity, with all the pro-lifers in the party. Flynn may be out of the running as of right now.

Meanwhile the Democrats have been writing their platform and it really is taking a leftward direction to appease the Bernie Sanders people who are still mad that he is not the nominee. As for presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton, her search for a running mate is reportedly down to five people.

Of course the big news about Hillary this week was that the FBI decided not to indict her this week for her use of private email servers. But they still blasted Hillary for her carelessness

That brought out the outrage from people – mainly Trump and Sanders supporters – all saying “crooked Hillary” was getting let off the hook, again. Now we hear the State Department has reopened its probe of the Clinton emails. Methinks this is far from over.

In Australian election news, the Labor opposition has finally conceded defeat.

In trial news from South Africa, I notice Oscar Pistorius got sentenced to six years for murder this week. (Six years?!)

Here is the latest Brexit whining, I mean news: a piece in the Guardian by someone who feels the Brexit vote makes his British passport a “badge of shame”. 

This guy sounds like he’s ashamed to be British to begin with. I’m not a Brexit fan either, as everyone knows by now, but come on — this talk is nonsense. 

Also, I notice a new pro-Europe newspaper has started up to speak for “the 48 percent”. Good.

As for the referendum, the British government says the result ought to be respected. They have rejected a petition to toss the referendum result out.

Still with the U.K., the Conservative leadership is going to a second ballot and it looks as if the next PM will be a woman. So you can add Michael Gove to the scrap heap, now, of post-Brexit political losers in the UK. The scrap heap pile is getting to be quite large.

And now the U.K. sports news from earlier today: Andy Murray wins at Wimbledon and Lewis Hamilton wins the British Grand Prix. 

That is it for now – now, time to watch Euro2016