Five officers killed in Dallas last night. Don’t any lives matter?!

As usual, I am appalled at what happened in Dallas last night when a mad gunman — who was later killed — used a peaceful “Black Lives Matter” rally as his opportunity to kill five cops and injure several others. I guess his excuse for committing this massacre had to do with these other incidents this week where cops had shot and killed black people, so this killer felt the urge to retaliate. 

Now, stories are circulating about concerns that other black people in other cities are targeting cops. Good grief, that’s the last thing Americans need — a race war.

Don’t any lives matter anymore in the USA? I really don’t like what I am seeing down there. I don’t like seeing cops resort to killing black people on duty, but I am appalled, absolutely appalled, by the responses of these few in the black community to the killings. Some of these people have this attitude that the best way to respond to this senseless violence is to commit more violence. It seems to me the USA could use another Martin Luther King Jr. down there, to set a non-violent example. Heck, that is what is needed down there, some real leadership. 

Of course, the problems in the USA don’t stop with race: you have all these other violent people and home-grown terrorists with their disregard for human life, as we have seen in recent weeks in Orlando. As I said – don’t any lives matter? What is the United States coming to?!

I’ve probably said way too much as it is on this topic. If this violence keeps up down there, suffice it to say that I might not be back in the USA for a vacation for a while.