Kevin Durant bolts OKC, signs with Golden State. As if the Warriors needed any more help.

Ahem. Remember when Stephen Curry’s wife was ranting against the playoff officiating and claiming the NBA Finals were rigged?

Well, the NBA is rigged all right — but not by the officials or the league office. Instead, it’s (a) players, and (b) player agents, who are the ones deciding who is winning and losing. And I am sick of it.

Today, NBA all-star Kevin Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder to sign in free agency with the Golden State Warriors. The amount of money is insane: two years, $54 million. Player option for year two.

Thunder fans are obviously devastated, but really, every team in this league that isn’t the Warriors ought to be mad — the Cavaliers, the Raptors, everyone.

This Warriors team went 73-9 last season, which set an NBA regular season wins record, and they almost won the NBA title. This team truly didn’t need any more big-time all-star help. Now, with Durant in the lineup, this team will surely go… 79-3. 

(Don’t ask me which three losses. Maybe Durant gets injured or something and they have to rest his foot.)

This reminds me of what happened in Miami a few years ago when LeBron James and Chris Bosh joined Dwyane Wade and crew to make a super team out of the Heat. That was another title engineered by players and agents. So much for building a team from the ground up! Seeing big players switch teams, with all this big money being thrown around, is exactly what is turning ordinary people off of the NBA. 

Is there any point to watching any of the upcoming NBA season when you absolutely know who the champions are going to be? Seriously. I repeat — seriously.

Oh, and a happy 4th of July to you, too.