Box office: this new Independence Day movie is, like Brexit, a financial flop!

Does anyone else find it interesting that Independence Day: Resurgence opened the day after the Brexit referendum? Right after Nigel Farage made his big victory speech declaring June 23 to be “Independence Day”? What great timing, eh?

I’ll say this, this movie has one thing in common with Brexit: it’s a financial flop. This past weekend, this newest Independence Day movie took in an underperforming $41 million domestic haul, which was not even enough to win the weekend box office! 

Instead, it lost by a whopping margin of almost $32 million to the Pixar flick Finding Dory, which has taken the box office for two weekends in a row and is, as of now, about $4 million short of $300 million in domestic gross. 

It’s been really feast or famine at the domestic box office this summer, more so than usual, and this weekend was proof of that again. As for an explanation as to what happened this weekend, here is a link to three reasons why this latest Independence Day landed with a thud. I gotta agree: no Will Smith hurts.

That’s all for now.