Brexit is a mess! Lots of upset people over in the UK having second thoughts

Well, the initial shock of the Brexit vote has worn off, and the British people are finally realizing the enormity of their decision and what a mess they have made of things in the UK. 

The prime minister has resigned, there are moves afoot to dump the opposition leader, and the markets could go down even more this week. 

Moreover, (a) the Scots, and (b) the Millennials, who both ended up on the losing side, feel they have been sold down the river by England’s voters. The Scottish Nationalists are threatening yet another independence referendum, which is the last thing Britain needs but which could end up preserving my EU citizenship rights in the end (hee hee).

As for the young generation, they are particularly hopping mad because all their rights to work and live in the rest of Europe are down the drain, thanks to the old people who voted the other way. The old people, in turn, dismiss the Millennials as “entitled” whiners who don’t have jobs. 

But why don’t the Millennials have jobs? Simple: it’s because they can’t get jobs in England and have to go live in the rest of Europe, or better yet, Asia, to make a professional go of it. They have to live far away from their beloved Barclays Premier League and their beloved Britpop music and Brit TV shows, and all the rest of it, all because there’s too much competition for jobs in England. 

These voters who dismiss young people for not having jobs are pretty much the same people who refuse to give these people a start in life. A lot of people in the UK clearly don’t care about young people or their prospects — just like the attitude in North America. No wonder Asia’s getting ahead. 

Anyway, this referendum result has screwed over a lot of people – not only Millennials but expats in general, including continental Europeans living and working in the UK. There are now petitions afoot to try and do-over the referendum, but this is a farce. People seem to think you ought to be able to vote as many times as you need to until you get the result you want. That isn’t the way democracy works. 

I think the voters are realizing, too late, that for all its faults and bureaucracy the EU had a lot of benefits. Brits are realizing a lot of things they took for granted are going to be thoroughly and permanently messed up. They have now figured out that, yikes, they might not be able to retire to Spain or Italy anymore, or they might not be able to work or do business in Europe anymore.

Going forward, the British leadership need to realize a lot of problems have been created by this vote. The first priority ought to be to protect all those people whose EU rights are now in jeopardy, and ensure all their existing EU rights to jobs, freedom of movement, and so on, are secured no matter what. Do I have faith in the people in charge to accomplish this? No.