Brexit “Leave” vote tanks the markets, claims David Cameron’s scalp

So after the disastrous Brexit results came in I went to bed, but kept the iPad tuned to the BBC. So, when I inevitably woke up again in the middle of the night, it was just in time to tune in live to David Cameron resigning as Prime Minister — effective in three months.  

I then tuned into the speech of Bank of England governor Mark Carney with his Canadian accent, trying to maintain calm. Good luck with that.

Now I am tuning in to any financial news live feed I can find on the Internet and watching all the stock market mayhem coverage. Needless to say, the markets are not happy, the Dow immediately dropped 500 points and the Pound Sterling dropped to its worst showing since 1985. Former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan went on the air and said “this is the worst” he’s seen since he’s been in public service.

Thanks a lot, England. What a mess.