Brexit vote is tomorrow; hopefully common sense prevails

Tomorrow is the big Brexit vote and I’m breathing a little easier at the last polls that show the Remain camp ahead. No doubt David Cameron is breathing easier, too, since he’ll probably have to resign as Prime Minister if Remain loses.

If I were over there, I’d be voting Remain — even though I agree with much of what the Leave camp is saying. I agree the European Union has been a shambles and that the British should get more of its powers back. 

The problem is nobody in the Leave camp has come up with a good, clear answer yet to my main concern: what happens to UK citizens’ privileges to work or reside in the rest of the European Union if Brexit happens? That’s basically all I care about. Well, that, and my investments, which will tank if the Leave side wins.  

Also, if Leave wins tomorrow there’s lots of rumors out there that the Scots may attempt an independence referendum yet again — so that even if the rest of the UK leaves Europe, Scotland can stay. Which, by extension, means I’m likely going to keep on being an EU citizen no matter what the result is tomorrow, even if the UK votes to leave. What a farce! 

Anyway, I look forward to seeing the referendum results online tomorrow.