Thanks to LeBron and the Cavs, Cleveland is “cursed” no more

Well, folks, that’s it, the end of one of the more memorable NBA seasons in memory. I almost feel bad that it’s over.

And for LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, this is not only redemption, it’s absolution, it’s vindication. By toppling the Golden State Warriors 93-89 last night, Cleveland completed a stunning 3-1 series comeback and ruined the Warriors’ bid for the winningest NBA season of all time. It also ends one of the all-time most notorious sports curses in North American history — a curse that afflicted not simply one team like the Red Sox or the Cubs, but an entire city

The Cavs victory sends Cleveland’s long tenure as a “Losertown” into the dustbin of history. The last championship celebrated in Cleveland was the Browns’ NFL title in 1964 — so long ago that the Super Bowl had not been invented yet! Since then, it’s been a litany of epic Cleveland sports failures and debacles: Red Right 88. The Drive (Elway). The Fumble (Byner). The Shot (Jordan). The Move (Modell). And who could forget The Decision (LeBron)?

In what was a reversal of years of bad karma, this game last night had true “the” moments of its own. The Block (by LeBron). The Three (by Kyrie Irving). And above all else, The Comeback (erasing a 3-1 deficit to win the final series for the first time in NBA history). 

Cleveland now finally gets to call themselves “The Champions”. You can’t help but feel good for these suffering fans. 

(And speaking of golf curses: congrats to US Open winner Dustin Johnson.)