Big breaking news: Donald Trump is still a maniac!

Today, I am going to link to the flood of stories stemming from Donald Trump’s unhinged, inflammatory post-Orlando mess of a speech in Manchester, New Hampshire the other day. The speech has basically drawn negative reviews from just about everyone I’ve seen. 

I tuned in Trump’s speech myself the other day and honestly, it was quite jaw-dropping. About half the time I was going “right on, Donald, you give ’em hell!” while the other half was “Trump is completely nuts!!” 

His effort Monday really reminded me of speeches WWE wrestlers would give at Wrestlemania or somewhere like that. It really was down to that level, this speech.

As I said before many times, Trump is really good at IDing the real problems facing America — like terrorism and ISIS. He’s excellent at that. What he is consistently no good at is articulating coherent, sensible, sober solutions on how to deal with these issues. And it’s been getting worse. In this New Hampshire speech, Trump takes the Islamophobic rhetoric to a new level as he slammed Muslim immigration, Syrian refugees, you name it. Now, the rest of the GOP are running for cover. 

Anyway, here are some of the stories I’ve seen about Trump’s latest speech:

Read Donald Trump’s Most Inflammatory speech yet on Muslims and immigration – Vox.

Obama goes on tirade against Trump over ‘dangerous’ Muslim ban, ‘radical Islam’ – CNN.

Republicans Run From Donald Trump’s Orlando Response – NBC News.

Donald Trump Has Lost the Plot – New Republic.

And in other news, Trump’s campaign has revoked the press credentials of the Washington Post. Typical.

And here’s an amusing piece, simply titled Sad!, on three campaign managers whose candidates all were hammered in the primaries by Donald Trump. All I will say is “sad!” aptly describes the state of the GOP and the entire presidential race at the moment.